From August to December 2018, I joined Instaread as a design consultant to help solve user experience and interface problems. During my contract, I worked on various parts of their iOS app, web app and website as well as numerous marketing materials.

Onboarding on iOS

My first project at Instaread was to improve the Onboarding screens on their iOS app.

The Instaread library contain a vast catalog of illustrations for their book covers but were not being utilized to express the brand within the product. The initial screens used stock photos with outdated visual treatment, thus I proposed a direction that leverage the illustrations to develop a more expressive language. I collaborated with the illustrator by providing art direction through sketches and mockups.

Subscription on iOS

I was also appointed to redesign the Subscription page on the iOS app. The challenge was to produce a local optimum that improved the look and feel of the screen while maintaining a similar visual language. Below are some explorations of the Subscription page.

Web pages

In addition to the core product, I designed new pages for their website such as, Team Subscription and Blog page. Other tactical improvements were made throughout their website and web app upon request.

App Preview

One of the deliverables for the marketing materials was to create the App Preview on the App Store. I created a 30-second video that highlights key features of the product to attract potential customers on the App Store.


Rahul Chitrapu (Co-Founder & CEO), Lisa Wakiyama (Illustrator)