During my internship at Green Stone, I was given the opportunity to work with the founders of Giide. Giide is an early-stage startup that aims to enable businesses to easily create and publish interactive audio content.

As part of my internship, I was appointed to articulate Giide's business and product strategy for investment opportunities. I also designed the user experience of Giide Studio, a content creation platform for people to create their own guided audio learning experience.

Giide Studio

Giide Studio is their content authoring platform that enable businesses to quickly create, publish and update Giides. I worked directly with the founders to define the user experience by making proposals through high-fidelity mockups.

Project available upon request.

Strategy Visualization

My work with Giide also consisted of visualizing the company's product ecosystem and target market for investment opportunities. This helped the team at Giide have a comprehensive view of their business and product to communicate at a systematic level.

Project available upon request.

Project available upon request.


Allison Kent-Smith (Co-Founder & CEO), Scott Prindle (CTO)

Mentorship from Green Stone

Sean Cardiff, Charles Law, Inah Mercedes, Matt Walsh