Kosuke Futsukaichi    /kō · skay/

Kosuke designs products and brands that communicate with people effectively. Currently shaping Seven.me to help people lead healthier and happier lives.

Projects and experiences


Designing a B2B SaaS product and brand


Helping an early-stage SaaS startup

R/GA Tokyo

Experience design internship


First product design gig

italiaDesign Field School

Understanding design as a culture

Touchpoint 2019

Conference website


Love for the craft

About Kosuke

Kosuke is a Japanese designer now living in Vancouver, Canada. He specializes in digital experiences and interfaces but would love to design anything.

Growing up, Kosuke was fascinated by new gadgets and how it gave people superpowers. This curiosity lead him to pursue a degree in design at Simon Fraser University. It was here that he learned not only about the design process but also developed a point of view on his design practice. Before joining Seven, Kosuke helped take Macro from zero to one, learned at design agencies like R/GA Tokyo and Green Stone, and worked independently with smaller companies like Instaread and The Digital Panda.

Culturally, Kosuke is a product of the Kantō region of Japan, Toronto, Arizona, and now Vancouver. Over time, these environments have produced a hybrid of Japanese sensibility and Hip-Hop audacity. Kosuke enjoys making with people, listening to people, and observing the world around him with an open mind.

He now designs full-time and aspires to become a designer with a capital D.